Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Supervisor, Leaks in the Party, and My Health

I'm told that Tom Brewster was appointed by the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors today to temporarily fill the seat recently vacated on the Board for the Northern District. Tom is a friend and he'll do well on the Board. (For my readers outside Virginia, most states would call this body a county commission.) Congrats to Tom.

I went to a Democratic Party meeting last night. Jon Bowerbank spoke. Jon is a candidate for Lt. Governer in Virginia. He's competing with four other people for the Democratic Nomination. He was lucid and entertaining. He was also quick on his feet in the Q&A session at the end of his time. I didn't hear anything I didn't like. Jon's on the Board of Supervisors in neighboring Russell County, which means he understands local government. I'll probably put a sign in my yard for him sometime soon...

One of the things that came out at the meeting was that when the Northern District met back in January to talk about filling our vacant position on the Board, some of the things said in the party meeting got repeated to members of the opposition party. I have to say... it pissed me off. The idea that we can't talk freely with each other without something like a spy in the room made me feel a little betrayed. I asked who it was; no one wanted to say. But I think I figured it out. We'll have to look into excluding individuals we don't trust in the future.

I haven't been particularly healthy this month. I spent four days pretty low with bronchitis. A head cold quickly moves to my chest these days. This is my third bout of it this school year. My doctor gave me Avelox and that seems to fix me right up, but I missed two days of work.

I've tried once or twice to list blog posts I've written elsewhere here so that people can see them. That's gotten to be time consuming. I'll just say that here's a list of blogs I contribute to regularly (get paid to write for) and you can reference this list from time to time if you're interested. Most get four posts each month out of me.