Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moderating Comments

I received a comment recently. It was anonymous. It said, basically, that I'm too much of an egomaniac to approve comments on my blog if they disagree with me. Of course, I've approved plenty of comments from people who disagree with me. Examples exist here, here, and here.

I've neglected this blog recently. I maintain about 20 blogs (it varies from week to week) and most of them pay me to write. This one doesn't pay me. It's my personal blog.

This one is also getting spammed. I had 148 comments when I decided to moderate the anonymous comment I discussed above (I rejected it). Most were in Chinese. Many advertized cheap drugs. Some wanted me to look at pictures of someone's girlfriend. I'm not going to unmoderate my comments.

My rules are simple. First, it's my blog and I approve comments because I see fit to approve them. Second, I generally don't approve comments that are abusive. Third, I don't approve comments that are both negative and anonymous. If you want to disagree with me on my own blog, get a Google ID.