Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun with Comments...

I received a comment recently about my post, Reading the Mount Vernon Statement: Today's Conservatives Want You To Think They're George Washington's Cousins.... The comment was anonymous, and it was just a short piece of sarcastic dribble. So I rejected it in accordance with my policy on moderating comments. But after thinking about it, I decided the comment provided me at least a few talking points. Here is the comment:
Bravo, Comrade! Bravo!

WE, you know, the 'collective' need to just keep thinking this way!!!!

You're a CLASS ACT! Keep right on with your message; your (sic) right on target!!

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo
It's a nice succinct comment that employs one of the most common strategies conservatives use: if you can't argue with it (or if doing the working involved in making a real argument requires too much effort) just make fun of it instead.

I wrote 1300 or so words - US political history, analysis of the Mount Vernon Statement, and opinion. The commenter (who can't be bothered to identify himself or herself) doesn't contest a single point of history as I presented it. All they have to offer is sarcasm - and a little bad grammar (the your should be "you're").