Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boucher, Hell, and Health Care

I'm watching an ad (paid for by about how RICK BOUCHER (D-Va) stood up to Washington on Health Care and voted NO on Health Care Reform that would have raised the cost of health insurance. The ad wants me to call his Washington office and let him know how much I appreciate him standing up for me.

Well, I'm the vice-chair for an itsy-bitsy little Democratic Party committee in Tazewell County. And if Rick doesn't vote


health care reform at some point, he can


in 2010 as far as I'm concerned. I won't vote for the Republican. But I'll vote for someone else in the primary (if he has an opponent). And I sure as crap won't vote FOR HIM in the general election.

His statements to the Party faithful say that the current bill isn't perfect yet. The ads on TV say he's protecting us against Washington. He needs to decide - soon. Until then, I've lost my interest in his re-election...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fw: Bush and the Marines / Obama and the Marines

I got an email from one of my relatives today. It said, "You may enjoy seeing the reception and the appeal generated by our former & current presidents. I know I loved it..."

It had a link to this video:

Perhaps there's never been an occasion when President Obama got quite the round of applause the Bush got in this video. I doubt that Bush always received that enthusiastic a reception. And I suspect Obama has gotten more animated receptions at least once or twice. But the video's editors picked their footage for their own reasons.

As I watched the video, though, it occured to me the cart in it was before the horse. So I hit reply all and sent this back:
I've lived in Thailand, where there have been 18 military coups since that country got a constitution in 1932. I traveled in Indonesia in the waning years of Suharto's rule (32-years as the military-backed ruler there). I've traveled in the Philippines, where it's hard to count the number of coups and failed coup attempts since independence there. I've lived in Malaysia and Singapore - where political dissidents are often arrested and held for years without charge under the country's internal security laws.

When elements of the teabagging fringe speak hypocritically of patriotism out of the right side of their mouth and succession out of the left side of their mouth, I consider what their existences would be like in Malaysia or Singapore. I'm proud to live in a country where idiots like Glenn Beck are allowed to roam the streets free and speak what little mind they have, unhindered.

I support the military. We are a free country today at least in part because we have a strong, loyal military. I hope they all come home well, and come home soon...

Last I checked (a few days ago), President Obama still had a fairly high job approval rating.

In America, the President doesn't need the military's support (except as individual citizen-voters), the military needs the Predisent's support. I'm glad I live in a country like that.

Greg Cruey

I meant every word...