Friday, June 12, 2009

Sad (Missing History)

Well, because of a computer glitch I've evidently been getting the History International channel for free. A few days ago it went away. I called to find out why and they want to to buy a more expensive package... Oh well.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working the Election

The Democratic Primary was yesterday in Virginia. This morning I tore the Brian Moran bumper sticker off my car. He came in third out of the three candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor in Virginia. Now I have to find a Deeds bumper sticker...

Of course the real race was the one for our Board of Supervisors seat (County Commission, in most states). No incumbent. Three candidates. Tom Childress has been active in the district's Democratic Party as local chair since the 1970's. Robert "Spot" Steele served previously on the school board and tried to take the seat away from a sitting board member in the caucus process a couple of years ago. Davy Woodard is a sitting member of the School Board.

I picked up voting machines on Monday after work. Monday was my last day of the year as a teacher. Other teachers worked Tuesday; I took a personal day. I got to the polls just after 5am. We set up the machines and looked at the new computer-based poll books. All the voter records are on laptops now instead of in big computer printouts. It worked marvelously and I spent the day with two other very pleasant poll workers - waiting for voters to straggle in. Not many did.

Tom is easily the most qualified person on paper. He came in third, despite being well organized and having workers out at the crack of dawn at the poling precincts.

Spot and his wife, Rene', manage a mission that provides food and other items for needy people in the county. That provided for the appearance of conflict of interest (or something like it) in the caucus process a couple of years ago. There's some overlap between those who vote for him and those who are served by the mission.

Davy's a nice guy without much political experience.

Tom and Spot had signs and people at the polls. Davy won by six votes.

Voter turn out was just the other side of pitiful. In my precinct, 51 of the 778 registered voters turned out. My precinct was strong for Spot in past elections. If 10 more people had made it to the polls in Adria, Spot would have won the election by a vote or two.

And people feel like their vote doesn't really matter...

Tree Swallows, Day 15

Baby looking out...

Moma feeding the babies.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tree Swallows - Day 13

First, one picture from Day 12:

Now Day 13 (today):

You can watch a brief video from day 12 here.