Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lady Vol's Biggest Comeback Ever

I got up this morning to the alarm clock (even though it's Saturday). Cheryl and I went to the breakfast buffet at Big Daddy's down the road. There weren't many people there, so we got to talk with Punky & Becky (the owners) a lot while we ate (which was nice). When we came back I set to work moving dirt into my flower bed (which is why I sat the alarm).

The dog played in the creek while I worked. She killed at least one mole for us (our yard is full of moles for some reason. She dug holes and got absolutely filthy. So When I finished with the tulip bed I brought her inside and bathed her (twice). I took a shower. Then I sat down in the recliner in the living room and contemplated a nap. The dog jumped up on me and decided to take a nap of her own.

I never got my nap. I figured out that Tennessee Women's basketball was on. They were playing Rutgers. It was depressing at first. It was almost half time and Tennessee was down 13-33 at the half. No Lady Vol's team has ever been that far behind at half time in the history of the universe. No Lady Vol's team has ever been held to just 13 points in the first half since God created time. So (like I said), it was depressing.

The Lady Vol's came out in the second half on a role and scored 11 unanswered points. I won't pretend to be a sports writer and try to give play-by-play or anything, but it was an exciting comeback. And with about two minutes left, Pat Summitt's Volunteers took the lead. They won 55-51.

Then I got out of the chair and cooked supper.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's 2009

Cheryl and I spent NYE at a small party at a friend's house. We arrived there about 7pm and left at 12:30ish. Four other people were there - three of them teachers. Food, a card game (I don't know the name of it), and a small amount of alcohol. I brought a bottle of Pinot Grigio. The host made strawberry daquiries.

We got home about 1pm. It was 2:30 before I went to sleep. So I slept until 9:30 or so. After breakfast I worked outside on the new flower bed. It runs along the edge of the house - about 40 ft by 2.5 feet. I put landscape timbers down a couple of days ago and today I broke the ground, sprinkled it with a broad leaf weed killer, and started the process of filling it with fifty bags of topsoil (40 pounds each). I got about 600 pounds in before the sun went down behind the hill next to our house. That was about 2:30pm. It got much colder so i called it a day. This weekend I'll finish mocing the dirt and put the bulbs in.

I listened to my new iPod while I worked. Some music and a couple of Philosophy podcasts. Frederick Nietzsche's view of art. A discussion of Kants efforts to reconcile rationalism and empiricism. Recent developments in neuroscience and how the impact philosophy.