Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Tomatoes Are Out

Lemon Boy TomatoThe tomatoes are out. I put them out today - 14 this year. That's not as many plants as last year but it will probably do for us.

I know what you're thinking if you don't live around here: "You waited until May 20th to put your tomatoes out?" Well, it was 33°F here Friday morning. We've had frost as late as May 31st at our house. I almost put them out last weekend. Maybe they would have lived through the cold...

Yellow Pear TomatoI was pleased this year to find an heirloom tomato called "yellow pear" on sale locally. I put some out a couple of years ago and they were great - nice taste, and the plant produced quarts and quarts of the little thumb-sized things. They have a nice taste and they dress a baby spinach salad up very nicely. I put out two plants.

Mr. Stripey - the Hillbilly TomatoI put our three Mr. Stripey tomato plants. Mr. Stripeys are irregular in shape and two-toned. They grow to be fairly large and look beautiful sliced on a plate. But last year they all blighted and I'm not sure we ate a single one of them. Maybe we'll have better luck this year. I put out three plants.

Early Girl TomatoesOf course I put out some Early Girl plants as well. Early Girl tomatoes turn very red and come to maturity in about 60 days. We'll probably be eating a few of them by mid-July. I have three of them.

What's left? Three Lemon Boy plants (yeller tomatoes taste the best), a Pink Beefsteak, and two Big Boy hybrids.

Here's wishing for a good growing year and the first frost of Fall to hold off until late October of November...

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