Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Storm

The remains of our willow tree.We had a major storm come through about 7pm tonight. We'd been home from dinner at Big Daddy's for about an hour. I was in the shower when I heard thunder the first time. I got out and dried off, and about the time I opened the bathroom door it started to rain. Within a minute or two something that sounded like rocks began hitting the house.

A tomato plant.I suspect it rained two or three inches in the next 15 minutes. The wind was extreme. And the old willow tree in our backyard finally came down completely (see the photo).

I was especially sad to see the willow tree go because there was a nest of Baltimore Orioles in it. The three babies didn't survive. Their featherless bodies were covered with melting hailstones when I found them. Momma oriole was flitting around in the branches near the nest. Papa oriole flew around for a while with a worm in his mouth and no one to feed it to...

My footprint in the hail on the deck.My tomato plants are ruined. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to find a few leftover plants at Walmart or the local Farm Bureau.

Someone is coming tomorrow to look at the willow tree and tell us that they'd charge to cut it up and haul it off. At the moment it is lying across the fence that separates our yard from the neighbor's yard.

Hopefully the storms are over for tonight...

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