Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Cosner Home...

My wife's Dad still lives in the house where she spent most of her childhood in the small community of Red House, Md. The house itself is a beautiful two-storey home with a large basement. Much of the house is trimmed in wormy American chestnut.

The most beautiful part of the home, though, is arguably the yard. The Cosner home is surrounded by flowers - front and back. And as you walkout the back door you are standing in the shadow of a stand of large trees, mostly oaks, that shelter the house from the harsh winter winds of this part of the Allegheny Plateau.

The house sits on the east end of the woods. On the west end of the woods is Benny's garden and his orchard. Potatoes, corn, squash, strawberries, blueberries, currants, cabbage, onions, a few sunflowers, pears and apples grow in the field west of the woods.

You can see pictures of all the flowers, ferns, etc. in the Cosner yard here.

I also have pictures of the garden and some shots taken in the woods online...

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