Monday, July 2, 2007

Grovetown, Ga. July 2

Mom and Cliff drinking a first cup of coffee - Jul 2, 2007Cheryl and I spent Saturday night and all day Sunday at my mom's house in Grovetown, Ga. (near Augusta). Monday morning I got up and went to nearby Dearing, Ga., to take a test at the RESA office there.

My step-dad, Cliff, has a garden with some incredible tomato plants - trees, almost. We brought back two bags of tomatoes (ours won't be ready for a month or more in this climate). Cliff worked in his shop most of Sunday. Sunday night we grilled steaks. Mom baked potatoes, made a cucumber salad, and steamed some squash.

That night we sat in the living room and watched the Speed channel...

MatthewI got to meet Matthew while we were there. Matthew is a smart young man who will be in the fifth grade next year. He spends a lot of time at my mom's house. He reads a lot and plays computer games (maybe too much) and seems very well behaved, in general. He has become nocturnal for the summer. Sunday he slept until 3pm!

Georgia is hot; but otherwise it was a nice trip. I go back down there the first week of August to take another test.

(Matthew, you can email me sometime and tell me what you're reading...)

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