Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Morning of September 18th (A Rough Sketch...)

5 am - Wake up from a dream. Don't remember the dream. went back to sleep.

6:05 am - Get up. Cheryl is up. I forgot to iron. Iron (3 minutes). Go down stairs and pack Cheryl's lunch. Put coffee in her thermos.

6:12 am - Mute the morning news on TV. Lay down on couch an dgo back to sleep...

6:25 am - Check clock. Roll over on couch.

6:38 am - Cheryl comes downstairs. I sit up. She gets her coat and gathers her stuff. We exchange a few words. I walk out on the porch. She has cream colored pants and the dog is on a chain on the front porch. I get the dog and hold it. She leaves.

6:42 am - I set kitchen timer to ding in 25 minutes and put it on the TV. Lay back down on couch.

7:08 am - Timer goes off. I get up and stat getting ready for work. I realize I didn't make the second pot of coffee. I usually make it BEFORE I lay back down. make coffee...

7:12 am - I go upstairs and get dressed. Iron my clothes. Coffee colored Izod long sleeved shirt and black pants with pen strips. I wear my brown boots today.

7:20 am - Pour coffee in my travel mug, fill two thermoses, get my lunch out and bag it (saffron rice with green lentils, grilled ribeye I bought cheap and cut into chunks).

7:30 am - Bring in Macy and put her in the room in the basement.

7:35 am - Gather my things. The email has been sluggish. Check it one last time. The email finally works. Turn off the today show. Walk out the door.

7:44 am - Start the Explorer and leave.

7:50 am - eat a sausage patty while I drive...

8:02 am - Listening to the news on National Public Radio. I pass four turkeys and two small deer as I drive up the south slope of Gary 14 Mountain.

8:06 am - Switch from radio to Van Morrison CD.

8:11 am - Two more turkeys cross the road in front of me in Skygusty, WV.

8:23 am - Arrive at school.

Perhaps sometime soon I'll do a school day...

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