Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Languages: Indonesian

I've studied Indonesia. But it was a long time ago. and there's not much use for it here in Central Appalachia.

Recently, I decided I'd like to refresh my ability to at least read the language again and practice that more often. I've found a couple of good websites for the purpose...

  • English-Indonesian Vocabulary Quizzes is a nice site that has online tests available for vocabulary. The tests are multiple choice. You can match Indonesia words to English choices (Does putih mean red, blue, green, black or purple?) or you can match English words to Indonesian choices (Does "red" mean merah, putih, biru, jingga, orcokelat?) You can test on about a dozen conceptual classes of 20 to 30 words - numbers, common adjectives, colors, wild animals, domestic animals, job-related words, etc. There's also three different collections of basic vocabulary (about 800 words) and a test on the 4,637 words that are less than 20 letters long in Hantarto Widjaja's Dictionary.

  • KAMUS-online a (not entirely free) dictionary.

  • Bahasa Indonesia Dictionary - free.

  • Tempo - an Indonesian magazine available online.

  • Indonesian in Seven Days - includes sound files with pronunciations of Indonesian words.

    Kelas Bahasa - "Language Class," a blog that seems inactive but has lots of good stuff in the archives.

Indonesian (which differs very little from the Malay language) is spoken as a first or second language by about 200 million people. It has the advantage of having almost a perfect letter to sound relationship in writing; almost every letter has one (and only one) sound. So if you can read it, you're well on your way to speaking it...

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