Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Healthy Again - but Not at School

I actually feel pretty good today. Whatever my doctor gave me Monday, my sinuses are mostly cleared up and I can actually go to sleep with my mouth closed (which is nice).

I'm hope today, anyway. So is everyone else. We have about four inches of snow at my house this morning. Tazewell County closed last night; McDowell County (along with the rest of West Virginia) closed this morning. We went to bed knowing we had a two hour delay and then got the call at about 6am this morning saying we were closed.

meFriday I went to the Board offices for a training session. We have a new IEP form and, more importantly, new requirements within the document. The meeting took about tow and a half hours. I'll spend part of today looking through the new material and browsing the new form.

Every year in March and April we have annual reviews on each special education student and create their individualized education plan (IEP) for next year. I have nine special education students at the moment to think about. Two are leaving the elementary school for the middle school this year, so I don't have to actually write their whole IEP; but I do still have to write their PLEPs (present level or education performance) and send those on to the middle school.

We're also implementing a new program to help struggling readers as part of the response to intervention framework at our school. It's called Recipe for Reading. It falls within the pale of the Orton-Gillingham approached and our county got the institute for Multi-Sensory Education to come in at the end of last year and train us in how to use it.

I'll probably spend part of today looking back over those materials. Our two reading specialists started using it with a few students each on Monday. And I've got a couple of students to start it with, too; but I was out sick...

We'll see whether I get to teach tomorrow. At the moment the weather forecast makes it look quite feasible that we could all be home again for another day.

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