Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Drugs I'm On...

Spring comes late here in Appalachia. But it does come...

I've starter setting my Allegra out where I can find it when I pour my first cup of coffee of the morning. I usually have to put a drop or two of Visine with antihistamines before I can find my pills (or the coffee). Then it's the first dose of Sudafed (or some similar generic) for the day. There's also a nasal steroid, Nasonex, that goes with my first cup of coffee.

By ten or eleven in the morning I often need another dose of Sudafed. On bad days I may end up taking as many as four doses of the stuff. Occasionally I take a second all-day over-the-counter antihistamine. And then there's Musinex some nights to help break up the stuff that builds in my chest.

Between the mold that comes with spring rains, the grass pollens, the ragweed and the golden rod, the oak pollen, and whatever else I'm allergic to, spring is not exactly my favorite time of year.

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