Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Day For Kids...

Today was the last day for students at my little school. Our preK and Kindergarten have been gone for a few days. Today we had the awards assembly for first through fifth graders.

We had the assembly early, at 9am, to try and beat the heat of the day. But while no one passed out from heat stroke, it was still unpleasantly warm in the building even at that early hour.

I'm not absolutely positive, but I think Calvin Coolidge was President when our school was built. Could have been Hoover. Might have been as early as Wilson. There's no air conditioning. Just a coal furnace for the winters. The building's bricks make it function as an oven, and by the end of the day today is was in the mid-90's in parts of the building. We've decided to start at 7am on Monday so we can get our time in before mid-afternoon rolls around.

Apart from an incident with an unruly parent at the end of the assembly, the morning went well. There were awards for attendance, for making the honor roll, for good behavior, for placing in the school spelling bee or science fair or social studies fair, for placing in the county spelling bee or science fair or social studies fair, for our school math competition, for basketball and cheerleading, for the young writers’ competition, and more. It was a good time.

Most parents checked their kids out of school when the awards assembly was over. The 17 students who were left ate lunch, watched a movie in the library (our building's coolest room) instead of going outside after lunch, and then helped teachers clean and pack for the end of the year.

It seemed like a short year. We graduated 10 fifth graders who will go on to the middle school.

I came home and turned the window unit AC on in our bedroom. Cheryl and I ate at Big Daddy’s around the corner from our house (seafood night on Fridays). We can home and both took a nap. We watched the NASCAR truck race in Texas. And now, here I sit blogging at 1am..

Monday and Tuesday there's some paperwork to finish up. I'm taking two graduate classes this summer. There are a few workshops to go to. Cheryl and I will spend a few days at the beach.

And in August we'll start it all again...

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