Sunday, August 10, 2008

Obligatory Comment on John Edward's Indiscretions

Former presidential candidate John Edward's behavior with women behind closed doors would be the business of a very limited number of people if it were not for the first few words of this sentence: former presidential candidate. Those three words make the Edwards affair public property...

I supported Edwards for the Democratic nomination. I feel a little cheated now, a little angry. The question everyone asks is the simplest one: what if he'd won? What if Edwards were the presumptive nominee at the moment instead of Obama? Or worse, what if this had come out after the convention and Edwards had been the actual nominee?

John Edwards was playing Russian roulette when he decided to run for the presidency this time. Let's pull the trigger and see what happens. The problem is that it wasn't his own head in front of the barrel; it was the Democratic Party's head. That will be hard to forgive. And it won't disappoint me greatly if Edwards now disappears into the world of consulting and/or academia - or perhaps returns to private law practice.

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