Saturday, October 4, 2008

Black Bears on the Way to Work

I drive over a couple of mountains to get to work. And with one in particular I'm driving through the middle of a strip mine with I get to the top. That particular mountain is called Gary 14 (which is also the name of the mine). The road throguh the middle of it connects Horsepen, Va., with Skygusty, WV.

I topped 14 Thursday morning and started down the other side. I saw two bear cubs in a twisty part of the road. One had made it across, the other stopped on the downhill side. I stopped. The downhill cub raised up and looked into my passenger window. I was thinking about where my camera was and then I saw mom about 20 yards on up the hill. And I decided that I was in a good spot to get run over by a coal truck, so I went on without a picture...

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cat said...

Sweet! Two cubs and a mama bear, what a fortunate ride to work. My camera is rarely close enough to capture a bear sighting from the car, but one time I got lucky down the road from my house in Gladesville WV