Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things I Did Today...

In more or less chronological order...

Made a decision - to not go to Church. Cheryl woke me about 8:30am and asked it I wanted to go today. We’re kind of between churches. There's a small church nearby that we've been to a few times. We'll probably go back. Just not today...

Got up. About 9am.

Had some coffee and checked my email. Cleaned out my Google Reader.

Wrote an entry for Guuki.

Cooked breakfast: sausage, eggs & cheese, grits, toast, some leftover bacon. Biscuits and sausage gravy for Cheryl. Wished I had tomatoes, but we just set those out last weekend...

Wrote and published an entry for my education blog on Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's activities this past week. Wrote a second entry that will drip onto my ed blog later this week.

Cleaned out by Google Reader. Drank more coffee.

Created a Twitter background for my profile page.

Washed the breakfast dishes.

Listed to the stuff they do on the Speed Channel before the pre-race show comes on for NASCAR while I did other stuff.

Took pictures of the baby tree swallows. They've been alive five days now. Not much difference from yesterday. Waiting for the eyes to open.

Figured out (finally) how to download a video off of YouTube for later use. Since YouTube is blocked at school, this is a very useful skill. I downloaded a handful of potentially useful videos on social networking, social media, and Twitter for a presentation I may get to do this summer.

Listened to (and, intermittently, actually watched portions of) the Autism Speaks 400, today's NASCAR race in Dover. Wanted Kyle Busch to win, but I think he can in some place near 20th...

Cooked dinner: grilled steaks (sirloin, on sale for $2.99 a pound). I rubbed the meat with garlic powder and salt; mine also got some red pepper and curry powder. Baked potatoes, green beans, and part of a cucumber.

Watched the end of the race.

Took a 90-minute nap. (My dog also took a 90-minute, curled up in the small of my back...)

Cleaned out my Google Reader. Drank some green tea I brewed myself yesterday and put in the fridge.

Worked on a Guuki entry.

Did the dinner dishes. Fixed the coffeepot for in the morning.

Ironed tomorrow's cloths.

Fixed breakfasts and lunches to take to work tomorrow: Cheryl has mashed potatoes and meatballs (with a sauce made from Concord grape jelly and chili sauce), plus cottage cheese and blueberries for breakfast. I have a sausage muffin w/ egg and cheese to heat in the morning and a mix of rice, lentils, and peas in a butter & curry sauce with onions and some beef, along with some wilted spinach in bacon grease. (I know, my arteries...)

Turned off the TV.

Had a glass of Burgundy while I listened to Yo-Yo Ma and blogged. Purchased a couple of new Yo-Yo Ma pieces from iTunes.

Went outside and sat on the deck breifly. Cheryl went to bed a while back. There are lightening bugs. I saw my first ones for the year last night. Wondered when the screech owl will arrive.

Now considering going to bed early, but I will probably resist the temptation.

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