Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boucher, Hell, and Health Care

I'm watching an ad (paid for by about how RICK BOUCHER (D-Va) stood up to Washington on Health Care and voted NO on Health Care Reform that would have raised the cost of health insurance. The ad wants me to call his Washington office and let him know how much I appreciate him standing up for me.

Well, I'm the vice-chair for an itsy-bitsy little Democratic Party committee in Tazewell County. And if Rick doesn't vote


health care reform at some point, he can


in 2010 as far as I'm concerned. I won't vote for the Republican. But I'll vote for someone else in the primary (if he has an opponent). And I sure as crap won't vote FOR HIM in the general election.

His statements to the Party faithful say that the current bill isn't perfect yet. The ads on TV say he's protecting us against Washington. He needs to decide - soon. Until then, I've lost my interest in his re-election...

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