Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My phone at work (and the spy in me)...

My phone is a valuable tool to me at work. Recently I’ve been keeping track of what students still need to take a particular standardized test in the note app on my phone. It’s my calculator, my timer, and the only watch I carry. It has my Google calendar (which is filled with mostly school related things). I have Dropbox on my phone: that holds a huge number of things (including schedules). I have alarms set on my phone that tell me my C&P is about to be over, or that the day is about to start, etc. I could go on…

It was recently suggested to me that someone thinks I could be a spy, and that when I have my phone out I’m texting my wife to tell her about bad stuff that’s happening. I find that thought humorous. But (for what it’s worth) below you’ll find a transcript of every text my wife and I have sent to each other since the teacher work year started. I don’t delete them. You’re welcome to look at my phone whenever you like (just ask and I’ll hand it to you). If you suspect that some texts are missing, say so and I’ll produce a bill you can take home and reconcile (text by text) with the list below.

Got it! :) 4:45pm Oct 8

Where r u? 8:45pm Oct 7

CC: I wondered 5:10PM Oct 6

Home. I appreciate you not locking the backdoor. My keys never occurred to me. 5:01PM Oct 6

CC: Ok 7:48AM Oct 6

I just remembered you’re going to Kimball. Don’t go to the boe just for my badge. 7:46AM Oct 6

CC: Don’t forget cabinet man today 7:34AM Oct 6

CC: I’ll try 7:25AM Oct 6

Will you try and get my badge today? 7:22AM Oct 6

CC: K 4:12PM Sep 30

He’s gone. Email him… 4:11PM Sep 30

CC: Yes 4:10PM Sep 30

mr lane wants you to email him and let him know whether to come on Monday 4:09PM Sep 30

no net or phone since before the mouse 9:36PM Sep 29

text me when you’re. I’m beating up tucker… 4:29PM Sep 29

k 6:45PM Sep 26

CC: Want me to wait till u get here? 6:44PM Sep 26

Moving 6:40PM Sep 26

CC: Construction just before the rt 80 turn 6:40PM Sep 26

Stuck in Coretta. Wreck maybe. Can’t tell. 6:37PM Sep 26

CC: Where r u? 6:36PM Sep 26

CC: Yes leaving in a minute 6:34PM Sep 26

U still in War? 6:32PM Sep 26

lol 5:39PM Sep 26

CC: 6-8 teachers 5:38PM Sep 26

What is “plan” on tomorrow’s calendar? 5:37PM Sep 26

CC: I guess 5:30 Sep 26

That sounds like you’re at least part SIS instead of not SIS.

CC: Not this time but he wants me to go eventually 5:26PM Sep 26

So… Wednesday? Charleston? 5:24PM Sep 26

CC: Must be aCCess mail. I’ll check it when I get upstairs/ 5:22PM Sep 26

Sent u an email. Yes, sitting here next to Billings. 5:19PM Sep 26

CC: Did u go to Welch? 5:16PM Sep 26

CC: I’m going back to school for a bit 4:30PM Sep 26

u still meeting? Let me know what u do. Love, greg 4:12PM Sep 26

sorry 7:41AM Sep 26

CC: will you bring my hasp 7:00AM Sep 26

I don’t know what this means 10:18AM Sep 14

I gove up. dew we 6:34 Sep 23

CC: Where r ralph’s keys 8:01PM Sep 21

CC: In flos office 4:11 Sep21

Watching sandwiches bake. Where will you be? 4:10PM Sep 21

CC: I would walk over there but carry all this stugg 4:40PM Sep 20

CC: *phone number omitted* 4:36PM Sep 20

Still no Ralph 4:36PM Sep 20

CC: Still no Ralph? 4:32PM Sep 20

Waiting……… 4:31PM Sep 20

k 4:58PM Sep 16

Leaving 4:57PM Sep 16

home 4:29PM Sep 16

*names of student government election winners omitted* 3:22PM Sep 16

I’ve been asked to text you and ask what to do next. 5:08PM Sep 7

So u were right about my dr time. I looked on my way to the car. I made it. Waiting on a shot. New antibiotics. 4:00PM Sep 4

CC: Leaving 5:01PM Sep 2

CC: K 4:29PM Sep 2

Text me when you leave and I’ll consider actually getting dressed. 4:29PM Sep 2

CC: K 10:33AM Sep 1

Sitting in Dr Duty’s office near the florist on Fincastle. 10:32AM Sep 1

I’m here 4:15PM Aug 31

Leaving Welch. I’ll be a little late I guess 3:35PM Aug 31

CC: I hope not 2:42PM Aug 31

While I know that game exists, I don’t really know the rules. I’m afraid I’m going to end up at the ER for antibiotics before Tuesday. 2:39PM Aug 31

CC: just finished a game of duck duck goose 2:36PM Aug 31

CC: Me too 3:45PM Aug 30

I’m out 2:56PM Aug 30

Billings wanted me to ask you for the keys to mboyd’s old room. I forgot. 2:29PM Aug 26

CC: Ok 12:20PM Aug 20

I presume they’d bill our insurance. But I’ll ask. 12:20PM Aug 20

CC: Free? 12:18PM Aug 20

Flu shots available on demand at CVS. Just walk in. 12:17PM Aug 20

Fyi Flo just told everyone that if they don’t have a laptop they should see you at 10am 8:12AM Aug 19

CC: Can u come help me with a teport 3:33PM Aug 18

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