Thursday, May 3, 2007

The GOP Debates

I'm a Democrat. I haven't always been. But 10 years or so ago I became active in local politics and joined the Democratic Party because I found it best fit my values and world view.

GregThe quote of the night probably came out of Giuliani's mouth a few minutes ago: "Neither party has a monopoly or either virtue or vice." Until recently that was an amazing revelation for many Republicans.

My least favorite GOP candidate? So far it's Jim Gilmore. He should be in jail for the way he raped local government in Virginia during his tenure as governor. His "No More Car Tax" campaign took pretty much every penny of tax savings out of local government coffers instead of state accounts. For Arlington and Alexandria, maybe they coped alright. But in rural Virginia Gilmore is occasionally burnt in effigy. And rightfully so...


Mark_MCProfe said...

Nice job with the blog! I'm a teacher in a high school in socal and want to blog but my brain is fried from grading and being overworked so I have no clue what to do... You gave me some good ideas. Thanks. MD

Greg_Cruey said...

You more than welcome... :)