Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to Hannah

My daughter, HannahHappy birthday to Hannah. She's 22 today.

Hannah lives in the Asheville, NC area. I see her occasionally (not often enough) and talk to her on the phone every couple of weeks. I remember her fine, blond hair as a child (it's gotten slowly darker). She had a quiet disposition and developed a love for books at an early age.

Hannah was born in Saipan when I worked out there - a Pacific Islander with blond hair. She loved the ocean. I think she still does.

Under Stars, by HannahOne day I expect Hannah to be a successful art person - perhaps a painter, perhaps a photographer. She painted the mascot in the front stairway for War Elementary School' annex building. I worked at the school at the time. The life sized Indian chief will be abandoned I suppose next year when that school is closed...

A different kind of painting...Hannah also painted a rooster for her step-mother, Cheryl. Cheryl loves roosters. We have it hanging in our kitchen.

If you read this, Hannah, happy birthday.

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