Monday, September 24, 2007

I Ate at Cici's...

On Friday, on my way to Pipestem State Park, I stopped in Bluefield and ate at Cici's pizza. I eat there once a year or so, maybe less. They're cheap. For a little over five bucks I get a pizza buffet that includes some good breadsticks.

I'm cheap. I drink free water instead of soda. Truth is, I don't really like soda.

So I walk through the buffet a first time. Thin crust with sausage and pepperoni. Two pieces of a thick crust with several veggies on it. A piece of jalapeno pizza. Five breadsticks. It was good.

I was pretty hungry when I showed up. I walked through the buffet a second time. I'd liked the jalapeno pizza. I got another slice. They had dessert pizza. I've always thought that was an oxymoron. I got a slice of thick crust somethingorother. And I picked up four more breadsticks.

I ate the jalapeno pizza. I ate the breadsticks. Suddenly I was full. There, staring at me on my plate sat the thick crust somethingorother. I like thick crust. I was full.

I contemplated eating the slice of thick crust somethingorother out of a sense of obligation. And then...

I looked up and watched as someone walked along the buffet. A thought hit me. I looked around the place. There were about 50 people in the establishment. Several of them were, well, large. Okay, huge. And, as I glanced around the place, I realized that at 215 pounds (more or less), I was the smallest person under 15 in the place.

I thought about that for a minute.

I got up and left. Without eating the slice of thick crust somethingorother.

Maybe I'll go back next year. Or not...

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Sherry said...

My mom is very obese, and it's motivation enough for me to restrain myself most of the time. I'm certainly not anorexic- I love to eat, but I think about how I want to be healthy when I'm old, and that helps me monitor my diet better.