Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ready for Ecommerce?

There was a time when you could find business success with a few feet of store front in a nice location, a calcultor and a ledger. But in today's information age the tools are quite so simple...

Even if you're selling homemade soap like Maw and Paw Kettle, business successs today almost always means technology and tools beyond the old cash register. Ashop Commerce, a leading business solution for online commerce, can making finding the right tools easier. They offer easy to use shopping cart software. And their product is entirely web based (no installation required) so it allows you to get your store to the place where you can carry out online transactions quickly and easily.

Ashop is great software if you're not a particularly tech savvy person and you just want simple solutions to online shopping. If you're trying to start your first business online or if you're new to ecommerce and want to get a shopping cart up and running without having to get a degree in computer science first, Ashop probably offers the right shopping cart software for you. Ashop offers a 10 day trial if you'd like to test their product, so no commitment is necessary.

Ashop's software supports detailed product catalogues and allows you to divide your products up into categories. You can use thumbnail images and allow for bulk orders. And the cart software provides you with detailed sales reporting.

Best of all Ashop is an affordable ecommerce solution for you as the owner of an online store. Visit the site now at Ashop Commerce US: ecommerce software.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I was financially compensated for this post...

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