Sunday, January 6, 2008

Going to the Auction...

Cheryl and I used to go to the auction almost religiously. It was fun, something we could do together. It was social because there are always gobs of people there. It was a business venture to some small extent because we bought stuff at the auction and sold it on eBay.

This bronze coal miner brought about $3,000 if I remember right.There are a couple of auction houses here in Tazewell County, but the one we've enjoyed the most (and spent the most at) by far is Miller Auction in Richlands, Va.

A number of things in the last year have kind of worked together to keep us away from the auction. For awhile Steve Miller reduced his sales to about 1 good auction per month, on the first Saturday of the month. There's been a couple of those first Saturday's where we were simply out of town. There's been a couple where one (or both) of us had to attend a workshop of some kind. And there's been a few where we were just tired and decided not to go.

Last night we went to the auction.

The crowd was probably the biggest we'd ever seen. My guess is that there were six or seven hundred people there. Most of the items for sale were antique furniture pieces from an estate in neighboring Russell County. Proceeds of the sale went to the University of Virginia at Wise (formerly Clich Valley College).

Gunn barrister bookcase I didn't get...To be honest, there wasn't much there we had a use for or wanted. Maybe if I win the Powerball we'll get a bigger house. Two of our three bedrooms are furnished with things we bought at auction. My computer sits on an oak computer desk we bought at auction. I have a roll top desk, next to it. The oak barrister bookcases in our living room, along with the oak entertainment center, hall tree, and table came from auction houses. The Persian rug in the living room and the walnut buffet in the dining room both case from auctions. There are a few other odds and ends, along with a plethora of books I couldn't resist...

Last night was fun to watch. I would have liked to have the Gunn Furniture Co. barrister bookcase pictured here, but it went for about $750 and I decided I'd wait for a better deal. there were four of five Thomas Kinkade prints, nicely framed. Cheryl considered bidding on them; but, likewise, they went for more than she wanted to pay. We also raised our paddle once on the mahogany stand pictured here, but it went to someone else.

This 1800's cherry sideboard sold for $11,500

The big item of the night was the Cherry Sideboard pictured here. Steve Miller read a history of the piece before it went on sale:
1800's Cherry Sideboard. Here is The History For This Piece. The Old Courthouse on Rt. 58 was built by Henry Dickenson & used as a courthouse from Sept. 20, 1787 to Sept. 28, 1798. Later, Frank & Mollie Etta Fugate lived in the Old Courthouse on Rt. 58, formerly Dickenson property. The property was sold to the county for restoration by the Fugate's granddaughters who were the daughters of the Virginia Fugate Muse. When the property passed out of the Fugate Family that is when James Lemuel Williams (1837-1919) the Great Grandfather of Bob Hancock bought the great big wild cherry side board from the Fugate Family. James L. Williams left it to his son Javey Williams. Javey Williams gave it to Thelma Meade Hancock (Bob's mother) for nursing him through a long 6 month battle with TB years later. This wild cherry sideboard would have been in the old courthouse sometime between 1798 & 1818 and used by the Fugate Family until it was sold into the Williams Family. Sincerely Lynda Williams Closson (Family Member)
The mahogany stand we wantedThe piece went for $11,500 - the highest price for a single piece in the history of the auction house. Since items come with a 10% buyer's premium and sales tax, I estimate that the actual price the bidder paid was about $13,000. An attorney I know bought the piece. He said he planned to take ti back to Russell County, where it belonged...

The auction started at 5pm. We stayed until about 9:30. The auction probably went until close to midnight. Tuesday night smaller and less expensive items will be on the block at Miller's and Cheryl and I will probably go.

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