Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lunch This Week...

I like food. I like to cook, and I sometimes incorporate features of ethnic food from places I've lived into my cooking.

I generally make my own lunches and take them to school, and sometimes they become the topic of conversation. So, heck, an easy blog post: this week's lunches...

Monday - I was sooooooo sick! I stayed home. "Lunch" came at about 8pm and consisted of chicken broth and white crackers.

Tuesday - A chunk of corned beef (I cooked a brisket some time back and froze some) and some diced potatoes fried in bacon grease.

Wednesday - A slice of pork roast left over from New Year's Day (frozen, again), with black-eyed peas and fried potatoes. The pork was glazed with an orange sauce that included nutmeg and orange peel. French bread.

Today - A salad. That's rare, but I actually like salad. This one had romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, black olives, walnuts, a little cauliflower, a little broccoli, diced red bell pepper, a small amount of purple onion, and some bacon in it. Ranch dressing and French bread.

Tomorrow - A pasta dish I froze from leftovers a couple of weeks ago. It has ravioli and tortellini, some shrimp, some oysters, and an alfredo sauce.

That's the week...

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