Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is Spring?

We awoke this morning to snow on the first day of Spring. It didn't stick to the grass, but the cars and the deck were covered. The temperature was in the mid-30's at 6am and the snow on the Cheryl's windshield was the type of crunch stuff you get with it melts and then freezes again a couple of times.

One of my students made the newspaper. There was a picture in today's paper of her mother's SUV. It was upside down; and although you can't see the child in the picture, paramedics were attending to her, trying to get her out of the car in the picture. Someone told us near the end of the day that she had a broke arm and a ruptured spleen and that she was in a hospital in Roanoke. The fourth and fifth graders made cards for her. And I hope she's back soon...

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