Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Abbey's 21st Birthday

Christmas, 2007Today is Abbey's birthday. My younger daughter turned 21 today.

I spoke to Abbey for a few minutes this afternoon. She was in a good mood, happy with that moment of her life. How much more can a parent wish for than that their children live happy?

Abbey was grocery shopping when I reached her today on her cell phone. She is in Charleston, SC, at the moment. She moved to Charleston a couple of months ago.

A rocking chair on Guam in 1988 with Abbey in blue, on my right...Abbey talked about things she'd done today. Among them, she got a library card. As a teacher, that made me smile. Abbey loves to read. And she reads the good stuff, things I read at her age - like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky...

I don't get to see Abbey as often as I'd like. But at least I get to talk to her.

Happy birthday, Abbey.

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