Sunday, May 18, 2008

Running the Furnace in May...

It's May 18th and we've resorted to running our furnace to keep the house warm today and a couple of days last week. Not that it's cold outside, just unseasonably cool. Today's high was about 58F and the weather might best be described as "dreary drizzle." We did have a brief thunderstorm about 5pm. But after hours of drizzle and temps in the 40's last night, the inside of the house eventually drops down into the lower 60's.

I've neglected my personal blog. Two weeks of not writing is a long time in the blogosphere. The end of the school year has me preoccupied with other things - high stakes testing, special education paperwork, summer classes for me, vacation plans, and the like.

The fact that the weather has warmed up enough for the grass to grow doesn't help. I've spent the better part of two days this month working with a chainsaw to take out our overgrown and unmanageable hedge before it consumes the power lines to our house.

Yesterday I planted this year’s tomatoes. I need another plant or two.

So today I'm catching up on my writing while it rains outside...

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