Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Visit to Redhouse, Md.

We got up Saturday morning (June 14th) and drove to Redhouse, Md., where Cheryl's Dad lives. Cheryl finished work for the year on Friday. I was out of school but still working on a graduate course.

On June 13th the Bluebirds started their second nest of the season. When we got home yesterday they'd finished the nest and had one egg in it. They laid a second egg last night. We'll see if they make it to five again...

We drove through heavy rain in a few spots to get to Redhouse. Benny (Cheryl's Dad) has been working on his garden. He picked a pint and a half of strawberries on Monday. And we made a couple of trips down to look at the orchard and garden in between the thunderstorms that hit while we were up there. The weather was generally cool and wet.

While we were there we got word that my cousin, Chase Stillwell, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Chase was almost 20. It was sad. We went to his wake at the funeral home tonight. Tomorrow is the funeral. My daughter, Hannah, should be here this evening late and will go with us tomorrow before returning to Asheville.

Then Friday we leave for Myrtle Beach.

I finished the graduate course today and I am now more or less free until July 7th when I start a second class.

Benny picking strawberries
Benny picking strawberries

Cheryl & Benny in the orchard
Lillies in bloom in the yard
Hen and Chicks on the front porch
A stump in the yard...
Honeybees at work in a neighbor's barley field

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