Monday, March 9, 2009

The Day in Charleston

I slept at the Holiday Inn Express next to the Civic Center in Charleston, WV last night. Wifi access in the room and a free breakfast were influencing factors in that choice. Plus it's about 100 feet to the door of the Civic Center, where the WV Reading Research Symposium is being held.

I sat the clock for 6:31am. It sounded like a space ship landing in the room. I hit snooze. It went off again in 9 minutes. I looked at it with with my left eye. It said 7:40. I jumped out of bed and began running around in circles. It took me about five minutes to decide that I'd managed to add an hour to the time on the clock somehow, and it was really just 6:40. Oh well.

Breakfast was acceptable. Toasted English muffins with Shedd's Spread, a prefabricated omlete with American cheese, and all the sausage patties I could eat. The dining area was absolutely full. I ate standing.

We had dinner on our own. Chicken curry, naan (a flat bread), basmati rice, and an appetizer tray from Sitar of India (702 Lee Street here in Charleston). It was the first Indian food I've had in maybe a decade. I have a few leftovers too eat later.

Well, the Internet is down right this minute. So I guess I'll have to post this in a little while. ...but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

(You can read about the academic side of the Symposium here.)

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