Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not Your Garden Variety Ear Infection (and other notes)

I took today off and went to see my doctor. I've had some discomfort and a little pain in my right ear for a few days (okay, a week) and it is getting worse. He told me I had otitis media bullous myringitis, which is Latin for a blister on my ear drum. He said "oh my" a lot while he looked in the ear. And he told me that it could become extremely painful and potentially put me i the hospital. I'm on a Z-Pak and on an antibiotic called Ceflin.

Tomorrow I have a two-day workshop in Charleston, WV on how to evaluate personnel in the WV school system. I leave here about 5:30am and spend Friday night in Charleston. The workshop finishes up at 5pm Saturday. I should be home by 9pm.

On Saturday we traded Cheryl's Subaru Imprezza in on a Chevy Avalanche. The 2007 Imprezza was nice, but it was small and, well, uncomfortable. It had just under 30K miles on it. We got $11,000+ in trade-in. The Avalanche is also a 2007 (used, obviously). It had about 18K miles on it. New it was $55K. We got it for $23.5K. So it was a great buy.

Life is a little hectic, otherwise. It's that special time of year when we write the individualized education plans for all the students in special education. We're trying to prepare the paperwork for a visit from the Office of Educational Performance Audits (OEPA). And in April I start my last class for certification as a principal/school administrator.

So life is busy...

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