Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day: The Long Weekend

In a few minutes I'll go to bed and the long weekend will be over. Tomorrow I ride a bus across the twisty roads of McDowell County, WV, with some fifth graders to visit the middle school they'll attend next year. Wednesday and Thursday are normal instructional days. Friday is the school trip - the charter buses will leave the school before the crack of dawn and return around 10pm (hopefully) and the kids will have all seen the Knoxville Zoo (among other things).

Friday night I had a tooth ache. At least I thought it was a tooth ache. I contemplated going to the ER with my own pair of pliers and asking someone to pull a back molar. In retrospect, sinus pressure may have contributed to the pain. I took 2400 mg (or so) of ibuprofen on Saturday, 1800 mg on Sunday, and none today. It no longer hurts. Go figure...

Saturday Cheryl and I helped chaperon an eighth grade prom. Dinner at Big Daddy's before the event. Home about 11:30.

Sunday night we watched the cup race. I cried when Tony Stewart blew a tire with two laps to go.

Today I blogged, cooked, mowed some (not much), talked to my Mom on the phone, took some photos outside (the bluebirds, our irises in the creek are in bloom, some finches on our birdfeeder), and participated in a discussion on the International Reading Associations listserv.

Now, bed...

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