Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Morning After... (Back from the School Trip)

I work up sore and tired this morning after spending 17 hours yesterday involved in our annual school trip.

The trip went pretty well. And the truth, I suppose, is that I got off a little lighter than some of the other teachers. Most participants met at the school at 4:30am. I was able to meet the bus at the Walmart at Claypool Hill on US Rt. 19/460. I got to that parking lot about 6:30am - the bus didn't make it until almost 7:00.

The charter buses we took to Sevierville were comfortable. We ate breakfast from a McDonalds on the two buses with about 150 kids, parents and teachers. We had originally planned to take the kids to the Knoxville Zoo. We settled instead for two hours at Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo. From there we took the kids to WonderWorks where we ate lunch, toured the educational exhibits (mostly science related), play some laser tag, saw a dinner show, and brought the kids home.

I had a really nice group of fourth graders that were my responsibility to monitor while we were in the two stops.

The bus let me off at Walmart again at about 10:30 last night and I was home by 11:15pm - probably an hour or more before the bus got back to the school.

To my knowledge there was only one single incident where a student’s behavior created any problems and it was handled quickly by the boss. The trip was pleasant and successful.

I didn't really expect to be sore. I guess my body isn't tailored for bus seats anymore - even if they are nice, comfortable charter bus seats. I suppose I also did a more walking then usually yesterday...

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